Hello, welcome to my brain. You can view my complete discography and some artwork here. I have been a part of the following bands/projects: Frodus, Decahedron, Frantic Mantis, Man & Wasp, The Cassettes, Triobelisk and more... I have done artwork and design for: Dillinger Escape Plan, Division Of Laura Lee, all of my projects and more...


320k MP3 releases available direct from themindcontrol: Triobelisk, Man and Wasp,
Shelby Cinca: Electronic 1 (Solo 1), Frantic Mantis.

I have a bunch of Twitter and Facebook accounts for my musical projects.

Note that there are "easter eggs" hidden throughout the site! Find them all!

My Amazon Wishlist of intangibles.

** 08.26.13 **
I've had a bunch of records out since the last update of this site. I hope to make a big update soon with journal entries for those releases in the oncoming months. I have been mostly busy working on games— an iPad and physical board game: Tri-Tri-Triobelisk and Zoneplex. I have also been working doing User Experience Design. Though more music will emerge soon...

Something of recent note is that I contributed guitar to the El Huervo track "Daisuke" which can be heard on the Hotline Miami videogame.