Frodus "F-Letter (Remixed and Remastered)"
Label: Magic Bullet Records (2003)
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Reissue of 1996 album "f-letter" remixed and remastered by Chad Clark at Silver Sonya Studios.

Chad Clark really brought out this album to what it should sound like- a bombastic 90s DC noisey post-hardcore album. The original sounded much tinnier and thin most of which is attributed to our bassist at the time insisting on his skills in mixing the album.

What I find funny with the cover art is that it is a photo of me with my "Cassettes" hat on heisting a Frodus CD which kind of makes me the "Burglar in the Bungalow". Har! David Holloway and I had a blast doing the shoots for these Frodus reissues.

More information in the 1996 entry of this album.