Shelby Cinca "Electronic 1: Obelisk"
Label: Carcrash Records (2006) / Swedish Columbia (2008)
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In the player: "Anrufbeantworter", Track 1 out of 8 Tracks from the LP

My first foray into electronic music starting with a 8bit gameboy sequencer (nanoloop 1.0) and a commodore 64 synth (sidstation). The base beats were created in moving vehicles while on tour with Decahedron in 2004-2005. I thought I would approach 8bit music with less of a video-game kitsch but more from the angle of early synth pioneers (in particular Klaus Schulze, whom is one of my musical heroes) mixed with the ADD electronica of Squarepusher. I'm quite happy how this turned out in the end and based on one itunes reviewer I think some people actually got what I was trying to do which is nice. Also I had a dream/goal from back in the 80s that I would start doing electronic music by the time I reach 30. Here I go.

I'm not one to post reviews but this one I felt was right on:

“To outsiders, this music might be passed off as some sort of video game tribute, or a thematic electronic album. But having known Shelby, and having followed his work since the earliest Frodus incarnations this music seems like, in my opinion, almost a spiritual manifestiation of Shelby himself, the fact that he has for so long been such a sci-fi, data, and technology geek/junkie really gives this work a powerful sense of personability that the casual listener should be informed of in order to fully appreciate this music.” -