Born: March 19, 1976 - Bucharest, Romania

I remember staring at Queen "News Of The World" when I was young and being lost in the tragic artwork of the iron gigantor bursting through the roof upon the unsuspecting humans. This sci-fi depiction of tragedy imprinted itself in my mind and affected me forever. Years and years passed and I became obsessed with music and the art form of the full-length LP and I started to create my own sonic and visual worlds. I also became acquainted with the computer at a very young age and travelled throughout the digital domain from Commodore VIC20 -> Commodore 64 -> Commodore Amiga -> Power Computings MAC Clone -> Powerbook -> Mac Tower G4 -> Powerbook G4 -> Macbook -> MacBook Pro. I began by undertaking various projects from modifiying the functionality and cosmetics of BBSes and creating splash screens for other local board.

All of these experiences carried onward to what I do today which is initially the same thing but more developed. My inspiration comes from my experiences in the futurist post-punk band, FRODUS, that I fronted for many years and our travels around the world. I am also effected by my time working at an independent record store (Record Convergence) and it's influence as a cultural/artistic hub in the DC suburbs before the age of ubiquitous technology that we live in today. I also spent formative times working at a VA based design firm, Spot Color (which later changed it's name to Hinge).

I constantly feel an urge to create and it is what I devote my life to. I don't see any of it as self-important art but moreso as something that I simply must do. It is a purging of ideas and emotions which is what music and any sort of creative activity should be and without it I would probably have to be medicated. Too many people in this life decide their childhood dreams are foolish and that they should have more "sensible" careers but I do not go by that modus operandi. You only live once and it is important. Your intuition is usually always right and as we grow old we are taught to turn that part of us off and to blend into the noise. And as all the things that we are told to care about like IRA's and "a good life upon retirement" crumble around us as time passes the now suddenly seems that much more powerful than the future or the past.

Sweden 1998 (Photo: Pat Graham)
Frodus: Sweden 1998 (Photo: Pat Graham)

w/ Children
Me, Jan 1983: w/ Children's Discovery System CPU