Frodus "Babe" Cassette EP
Label: Gnome Records (1993)

In the player: "Computers (Love)", Track 05 out of 05 Tracks from the EP

Even though this is an instrumental and doesn't represent the entire vibe of the release, I feel that it is important as it is the first Frodus song ever written. We wrote it after the singer for the grunge band Jason and I were in left practice early one afternoon. Consequently, the next practice he quit which set off some youthful chain reactions in us at the time. I also find that the song's computer theme is a good view on the origin of much of my inspirations stemming from my early years of running a BBS and obsessions with Commodore 64 and Amiga computers. The singing at the end is Jason doing his Ethel Mermen impersonation which he found very humorous at the time.

This is my first officially recorded work not counting the random recordings made on microcassette recorders before that which were meant to be listened to at double speed. Here is the first Frodus release, a cassette EP which in essence is our first setlist due to us never playing our debut which was a largely promoted show at my high school in which the fire alarm went off right after we got set up. We recorded this at WGNS when it was a basement studio (formerly off Glebe Road in Arlington, VA) while it was slightly flooding and our bassist, Jim Cooper, being stricken with a bad case of the runs in a house without toilet paper. Weird teen angst, post-grunge DC, sloppy and noisy nerd punk. Songs about computer errors on an Amiga computer (Guru Meditation) and gnomes going up mountains to speak with mystic sages (Tzo Boy). Funny to see that with this being my first real foray into recorded music ever it is still apparent that it is indeed the conceptual seedling of my two main musical focuses that have existed in my life so far, namely Frodus and The Cassettes.

The artwork was created randomly and unbeknownst to us by Steve Kille (later of The Cassettes v1.0) who presented it to Jason and I one night and essentially jump started Frodus to really try and manufacture this recorded work. His random act of creativity helped us realize we could really just "do it ourselves."

Pressing of 300-350 High-Bias cassettes with color xerox covers printed at Staples and cut/hand folded at Kinko's Copies (usually after midnight).