Frodus "Molotov Cocktail Party"
Label: Gnome Records (1994) / Carcrash Records (2006)
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In the player: "Sasquatch", Track 01 out of 09 Tracks from the LP

Our second "real studio" experience and we were lucky enough to do this at Inner Ear Studios. Oddly the band was financially doing really well then partially by tapping into a small youth-cultural movement in the suburbs and having big shows at local churches and at a weird Chantilly, VA venue called The Music Store which was ran by a rather inebriated mountain-man looking bearded guy named Johnny Ray. We saved up money from sales of our 7" and our first tape to record this sci-fi nerdcore concept cassette-only album. Despite the drumming really being the same on the whole record and our screams sounding like Sesame Street creatures I still listen fondly to this release on occasion. The artwork turned out great with Steve Kille and I taking the roles of pencilling and inking in a classic comic-book style and the songs really capture my childhood Scifi/UFO/Mysterious Creature obsessions. We even somehow created a minor local hit with the song "Sasquatch" which was a fan favorite.

I did feel the scene at the time was really vibrant with just a bunch of young freaks hungry for new/weird music and I always found it terribly sad when indie-marketing and tribal human tendancies saw the scene split. Unfortunately most went their ways of following the proposed character classes of previously underground cultures as Hardcore, Straight-Edge, Punk, et al... I always felt that the youth culture could have become its own weird post-skate thing that was totally new instead of where it splintered to.

The cassette consequently sold 1100 copies all on shiny blue cassettes and became a small cultural event in the Fairfax, VA region. Originally came shrinkwrapped in a small sytrofoam tray with a "shish-ka-bob" sticker in the upper left corner. Mike Schliebaum from Darkest Hour has had the cover art tattooed on his lower leg as of 2007.