Frodus "Fireflies"
Label: Level Records (1995) / Carcrash Records (2006)
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In the player: "Honest Praise The Great Motivator", Track 05 out of 09 Tracks from the LP

To me this is the album that shouldn't have been. Initially to be a glow in the dark 7" with the first two songs after pricing out the record, Level Records, at the time decided that it was just as cheap to press a CD so they went onward with that. It's a peacemeal recording that contains the first Frodus transition containing up to 3 of our bassist on one recording on the song "Yoncopin". On this record on bass is: Howard Pyle, Jim Cooper and Andy Duncan (who later on was in OK GO version 1.0). Strangely enough Level Records was owned and operated by Damien Kulash also of OK GO fame and he "signed" us outside of a irish pub that had punk shows in Arlington, VA on Wilson Boulevard called O'Carrols. We made the deal by the thinker-statue which still stands however the pub is now called Ireland's Four Courts. There are some decent songs on this such as "Honest Praise The Great Motivator" but overall it is a strange and manic release. There is even a smooth soprano sax solo on the track "Fireflies" by Charles Bennington, who was the sound-engineer from our first release, "Babe", and saxophonist on the song "Bousel Room", from "Molotov Cocktail Party"! Retrospectively, I do really like the extreme absurdity which that song took.

The original artwork was done by Damien and really captured the confused aesthetic of early desktop publishing. For some reason I really insisted on some of the colors and the firefly and I really have no clue to what I was thinking of at that moment conceptually. This release should be really seen as a B-sides/rarities record.

Pictured below is the reissue artwork. I'll eventually scan the original artwork, or you can send it to me at shelby at themindcontrol dot com.