Frodus "f-letter"
Label: Double Deuce (1996)
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This is the album where Frodus became less nerdcore and more hardcore/mathcore. The songs mostly all deal with low-self esteem and realizing cycles of thought/depression. It captures us trying to define our sound which was influenced at that time by: Jesus Lizard, Melvins, Nirvana, Rites Of Spring, Fugazi, Hammerhead, and Helmet. Also influenced by lots of straight-edge hardcore that Jason was very fond of. We recorded at Salad Days Studios with Brian McTernan when it was in his Boston, Massachusetts location. It was recorded to 16-bit ADATs and I think you can hear the crackly digitalness of it since it was before A/D converters were really that great. I remember we really loved to play the last song "Buick Commission" live as we'd go on for 10 minutes of feedback and noisy mosh-parts.

This record brings back memories of a certain time in DC music where it would really be about one-upping musically a band you saw live but in a positive/non-competetive way. I remember us going to see bands like Antimony, Pitchblende and Candy Machine and really feeling and analyzing the music. The music scene was inspiring then as a young-rocker and we couldn't wait to get into our practice space on 13th and U and try and build off the inspirational compositions we saw the night before at the old Black Cat and 9:30 club on F-street. I can only imagine it must have been similar with how certain pockets of the Jazz scene were in the 60s but I wouldn't really know. Howard Pyle's bass playing is great on this record too I felt, a cool mix of Amrep style heavy bass on a 5 string. Whoa.

The cover art was done by Howard's co-worker Will Weems using computer modelling software. We paid for the initial recording partly with money that I received after selling an early Virtual Reality helmet that I won in a Doom Tournament.

It is to be noted that because Howard and Will worked at a design/IT firm at that time in 1996 that we were one of the early indie bands on the internet. Alternative Press at that time mentioned that as well in a sidebar inset.