Frodus split 7" w/ Trans-Megetti
Label: Art Monk Construction (1996)

In the player: "Suspicion Breeds Confidence", Track 02 out of 02 Tracks from the single
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This where I think we started to come up with where we were going to head with "Conglomerate International". A dystopian song inspired by a poster that the camera pans by in the movie Brazil. Our song was recorded at Inner Ear Studios with Don Zientara recording/producing. I lost my voice during the screaming and while taking a break Jason did a vocal take which we later released on iTunes along with one of his prank called to G. Gordon Liddy. The album artwork for both bands represent our early-telivision name-origins... Frodus coming from an episode of The Monkees and Trans-Megetti coming from Land Of The Lost

I need to scan this. If you have a scan of this please send it to me: shelby at themindcontrol dot com.