The Jerks split with The Impossible Five
Label: Lovitt Records (1996)
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This record I did under the alias Seb Joik with Jason Hamacher on drums. The recording session took place at Record Convergence with a stressed out Tedd Magsig engineering on his open-reel 8-track recorder. I feel like we were really inconveniencing him with this impromptu recording at the time as well having to setup everything after store hours. Our 2nd track on the record is recorded in my parents basement on 4-track cassette with me playing everything and Chris Curtis playing bass and doing backup vocals. The Impossible Five were a short-lived DC hyper spy-rock band. They played fast and kind of noir-ish James Bond music. It was actually kind of an original mix and a hyperactive take on brit-pop and soul music. The guitarist and bassist later went onto form Dead Meadow and the bassist also played in the early incarnation of The Cassettes.

Looking back this was an enjoyable outlet and way to explore my then side-obsession with indie-garage rock and punk as I was a card-carrying member of the montly 7" vinyl club, The Crust Club, which was ran by Estrus Records.