Shelby Cinca is Loki & The Improbable Solution
Label: Jonas Blank Records (1997)

In the player: "33", Track 01 out of 01 Tracks from the single
The original version has an extended reprise recorded in Jonathan Kreinik's bathroom at the Kansas St. House in Arlington, VA

A Frodus fan in Pennsylvania started an obscure label that pressed one-sided 7"s back in the 90s. He asked me to do one and I agreed and wrote a crazy random psychedelic 7 minute song on 4 track. I played all the instruments including the drums and created some sort of weird Beatles lofi experiment. In a way I can say this is the proto-cassettes recording as it is me starting to experiment with writing pop songs on a 4 track. The title "Improbable Solution" later became a song on the first Cassettes album. The cover art is inspired by the flyer art that the owner of Record Convergence, Tedd Magsig, would do which I was very fond of. He had a book of royalty free surrealistic woodcuts that he would use to make collages and I tapped into for this. I really like this 7" and the fact that it's one sided and only a pressing of a 100 makes it my most nerdily-collectible record I have ever done.