Mancake "We Will Destroy You"
Label: Art Monk Construction
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In the player: "Lousiana Purchase", Track 01 out of 05 Tracks from the EP

Jason and I from Frodus with Mike (alias: Pants) from Darkest Hour on bass and Eric Astor (alias: Man) of Art Monk Construction Records on drums. Conceived one evening for fun with Jason (alias: Ponan) handling the vocal duties and me (alias: Reno) on guitar. The EP was recorded at WGNS studios by Geoff Turner which was at that time right next to the Black Cat on 14th St. in Washington, DC. It was a blast to record this and our few shows were stuff of legend. Everything you heard about (Part Man, Part Pancake) Mancake is true. This captures for me the fun and lighter times of the DC punk community in 97/98 with memories of house shows at The Happy Hardcore House and being banned from Club Soda for a show where we were all wearing only crisp white breifs and our banning from George Mason University for throwing 100s of pancakes into the audience and destroying the carpeting with mushed pancake. This also captured Jason's dream of being an extreme frontman and screaming like Sam McPheeters from Born Against, whom he fashioned his screaming-style off of. Jason truly was frightening during his tenure as the bloody "Ponan" (part pony part conan).

The artwork was an edit of one of Jason's western records which he collected at the time along with rare Scandinavian Black Metal records.

Andy Coronado of DC's Monorchid confessed later on that him seeing Mancake inspired him to play punk-rock again. He quit Monorchid and moved to California where he later teamed up with Sam McPheeters in Wrangler Brutes.

I will end this entry with a review:

Mancake: part man, part pancake. Their reputation has definitely preceded them in the form of tales of towering stilt-wearing vocalists swinging a microphone strapped to an axe. From what I heard, they destroyed the Sarasota fest a few years back, and I've been eagerly waiting to hear something else about them since. This EP lives up to the anticipation. You can hear that there is a Frodus link in there somewhere, but Mancake's disposition is much more mean-spirited and dark. What else would you expect from a breakfast hybrid bent on conquest? Milk and cookies?! Well, syrup, perhaps... Instead there are interesting guitar lines that are gonna call down the D.C. tag again amidst strained vocals and group backups. This is the sound of breakfast warfare in a frontier town with lousy service. Seconds, damnit. - Ink 19

International House Of Mancake Is Calling YOU.


Photo by David Holloway
Mancake @ Black Cat Backstage: Photo by David Holloway