The Cassettes "Early singles"
Label: Jetglue Records/Carcrash Records (2000)
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In the player: "Twilight Tonight", Track 2 out of 4 Tracks from the LP

The debut Cassettes single "Alright With The Days" came out around the end of 1999 and the follow-up, "Lights", early in 2000. They come from recording sessions we were doing in my parents basement on an ADAT machine. Listening back it sounds young and my voice sounds not quite as strong as I wasn't singing that much back then but mostly using my voice to scream in Frodus. These singles are explorations of the power-pop that The Cassettes were heading towards at that time. If I were to pick a favorite of these 4 early songs it would be "Twilight Tonight", the B-side of the "Lights" 7". I feel like it captured the atmosphere of those times and my parent's basement which faced a thickly wooded area.

Little known fact is that we had Jason Hutto (of The Aquarium) on second guitar with us for many months from 1999-2000.


Photo by David Holloway 2000
The Cassettes @ Black Cat Backstage: Photo by David Holloway 2000

Original Lineup 1999
The Cassettes: Original Lineup 1999