The Cassettes "s/t"
Label: Lovitt Records (2002)
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In the player: "The Improbable Solution", Track 10 out of 11 Tracks from the LP

The first Cassettes full-length. Recorded in my room at the time which saw the recording of later Cassettes albums. Unfortunately the mix is muddy and could use a remixin' in this digital age but the feel is good. It's an album that I needed to create after the darkness of the last Frodus year (see Frodus "And We Washed Our Weapons In The Sea" entry). I see this album as an upretentious take on some of the classic guitar rock that I always loved and a "healing" record for me. It was a way for me to find hope in life again after the hardships I experienced around me and to still be the happy kid I was when I was younger. Steve Kille and I always wanted to make a record like this too so it was a good creative outlet for us to just make some fun melodic/day-dreamy songs and put them out there without overthinking. The second to last track "The Improbable Solution" is to me a prototype thematically to what The Cassettes would become with its fantastic voyage lyrics and skyship imagery. Consequently, the back cover of the album also featured a drawing of a Jules Verne esque skyship. The CD artwork also mysteriously had a drawing of a castle and said "Welcome to Mexico City". I think this was also in some ways a start to the "1st layer impression" mode of creative thought as Stephen Guidry and I like to call it. It's when you take an idea, a city, whatever... and just kind of mix that up with the first image that comes to mind even if it historically makes no sense. Mexico never really had a European-style medieval period but it is nice to think that it did.

Steve Kille also really pushed me to go with my first impressions with the artwork after seeing my little blob artwork in my sketchbook. He has always had a good intuition about creativity ever since I knew him.