Label: Lovitt Records (2003)
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In the player: "Wingless Fire", Track 3 out of 3 Tracks from the single
(This track doesn't really give a good example of what the EP is like but its my favorite)

What later became Decahedron was briefly called The Black Sea before another Black Sea from the 80s which hadn't put out a record in 10+ years contacted us and told us to stop using the name. They had the copyright which was oddly very recent but we figured we shouldn't bother fighting as there were too many other "Black" bands at the time including an electronic Black Sea. At any rate this EP or should I say 3 song single is a nice listen though at times to me it feels like a demo. The guitar playing explores the more "Weapons" style undulating guitar style opposed to what I did right afterward on the Deachedron album. It is very much 3 songs of us trying to find our style with the 3rd song "Wingless Fire" sounding like a dark Cassettes song which is probably my favorite tune on this release.

Overall, these 3 songs reflect a more 80s sound that I was exploring with Clark Sabine (of Motorcycle Wars/Statehood) as we were writing songs as a guitar duo around 2001 and geeking out hard over Chameleons UK, early U2 and other Steve Lillywhite produced records while amped on strong espresso all day long. Strangely we had a practice session scheduled with Jim Cooper (original Frodus bassist who later went on to play with Bobby Conn, Baby Teeth and The Detholz!) and Jason Hamacher in September. The session was fatefully cancelled due to 9/11 happening and grounding domestic flights (Jim lived in Chicago) and a little bit afterwards Jason and Clark had a business-related falling out which affected us all working together musically. The ideas were then later approached with Joe Lally whom I met while I recorded the first two Dead Meadow albums as he released their records on his label Tolotta. I began jamming with Joe a few years after our initial meeting and around the time he had his daughter.

This release was unfortunately lost in obscurity due to our forced name change and strange pricing confusion at various music distributors as to if this is a single or an EP. Hiccups like that have me very happy about the current digital age.

Mixed by Chad Clark who brought out the more atmospheric elements of the music and wasn't afraid to put some nice reverb on the drums. I end up liking this recording the more I revisit it.


Photo of Clark and I writing music: 2001

Recorded in my old room on ADAT