Label: Bachelor Records (2003)
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A split 7" with Disco Drive, an Italian discordant dance punk band comprised of huge DC music fans. Once we were standing on the street in Berlin and Stephen and I were amazed at a heated conversation they were having in Italian... we wondered "what could this be about?!" and lo and behold noting a few words like "Q and not U" we realized they were talking about DC music! Ahhhh!

Regardless, this is an interesting split 7" containing a very spacey Cassettes tune written when we were a three peice called "Past The Sun" along with a lo-fi version of "Be Quite Still" (which later appeared re-recorded on our album 'Neath The Pale Moon) consisting of casio drum machine and nylon string acoustic guitar. It's a weird little undiscovered cozy gem methinks.

This was our European tour 7" in 2003 when we toured with Disco Drive.

Chris Baldo
Artwork by: Chris Baldo

as a two-piece @ Huddo
The Cassettes: as a two-piece @ Huddo's House

2003 Europe Tour, Prague
The Cassettes: 2003 Europe Tour, Prague

2003 Europe Tour, Germany
The Cassettes: 2003 Europe Tour, Germany