The Cassettes "O'er The Mountain"
Label: Alice Records (2003) / Buddyhead Records (2006)
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In the player: "Lonesome Sound", Track 10 out of 10 Tracks from the LP

This was post-humously finished after the previous lineup went onto focus their time with the band Dead Meadow. Started in 2003 and recorded in my bedroom at the time in S. Arlington, VA. To this day it is one of my favorite recordings sonically that I've done on my own and I also quite like the songs. It is the culimination of Steve Kille and I's obsession with Wings "Band On The Run" and Badfinger along with some hints of Oasis in there. I quite like the openers and closers which basically became the sound The Cassettes focused on after the original disbandment. The first track "June Bogs" actually turned into "Sweet Virginia" later and was re-recorded with some new lyrics and playing on The Cassettes' "'Neath The Pale Moon".

Recorded on my trusty ADAT, which also recorded The Cassettes 7"s, s/t album, The Black Sea EP and the first two Dead Meadow albums. Chad Clark mixed this record and I feel like he did a stellar job with it as he really got what we were doing and what we were going for.

Jeniffer Potter
Artwork by: Jeniffer Potter

The Norwegian Cabin (Arlington, VA)
Recording "O'er The Mountain" at: The Norwegian Cabin (Arlington, VA)

Original Co-Founder
Steve Kille: Original Co-Founder