Decahedron "Disconnection_Imminent"
Label: Lovitt Records (2003)
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In the player: "Not These Homes", Track 05 out of 11 Tracks from the LP

In retrospect I still like this record. It was great to create this with Joe Lally of Fugazi whom I befriended around this time through the recording of the first two Dead Meadow albums which I did for his label at the time, Tolotta Records. However though it was musically difficult to create with Joe in the sense that he was thrown into trying to fit in the musical chemistry of Jason and I whom have been playing in Frodus for 6 years before so we had a musical intuition that he wasn't tuned into. I remember at one point he said he felt that we should be a two piece as we alone filled up so much space that it was tricky to fit a bass. In some ways I feel that Joe played slightly restrained and perhaps we rushed some things but there is an energy on the recording. It also captures America at this time in post-9/11 paranoia and the feelings/frustrations of quite a lot of people in our generation. It is a dated post-punk record and not quite as realized as the last Frodus album but a promising attempt. Recorded completely on our own in the group house Jason and I lived in which consequently was the Lovitt Records house before then. It was mixed by Brian McTernan at Salad Days studios in his Beltsville, MD location.

At times I feel like the record is politically heavy-handed and I could have left more to interpretation but at the same time I wanted to take a more direct approach than the more vague lyrics on the Frodus albums previously so it was worth the experiment in that sense. I do really like the artwork that I came up with as I felt like it was an interesting jump from my previous design work.

The CD is Enhanced and contains a video documentary "making of", featuring some rather silly acting by Jason Hamacher and I about the crash of the Frodus Conglomerate International and the beginning of Decahedron. The video was put together excellently by Stephen Guidry (The Cassettes) in a marathon recording/editing session that went into 5AM and is an amusing view.