Decahedron "2005"
Label: Lovitt Records (2005)
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In the player: "Scopes", Track 5 out of 6 Tracks from the EP

This is the final Decahedron recording. The CD is enhanced and comes with a 30 minute live show of us at Macrock festival, which is a music fest in Harrisonburg, VA - oddly enough the same town we played with Refused at their last show which really wasn't as dramatic as they say it was in their documentary. The recording is off the soundboard and the show is filmed with 3 cameras which makes it a very solid visual and sonic document of our live performance. Jonathan Ford (our live bassist from 2004-2005) is seen on the recording. This is an unfortunate EP as it was when we finally found a bassist that worked in our fold in the form of Jake Brown whom previously played in Moments In Grace which was a strange carcrash of attempted "emo" marketing and makeover/production. Jake played some great driving basslines and really carried this EP with Jason which consequently let me float around and do my meandery Frodus "Weapons" style playing. In some ways this sounds 90s DC to me but with repetitive industrial sounding rhythmic work. The two covers on the EP are Jason and I's choices. I chose Bauhaus "Scopes" and he chose Cop Shoot Cop "Cause And Effect". I feel like we did good renditions of these songs and reinterpreted these in a similar way to Frodus covering Devo's "Explosions" on 1998's "Conglomerate International". This recording session was also the disentegration of Decahedron as Jason and I were learning to be friends again whilst touring with Decahedron and realized we should just be friends and not be in a band together. So a little after this EP we did the DC thing which is to break up your short lived band before the public really has a chance to catch on. Recorded at Inner Ear Studio with Don Zientara on 2" tape!