Frantic Mantis "Data Is Not Information"
Label: Lujo Records (2005)
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Oddly enough this is one of my favorite records. In some ways it is what I wanted Decahedron to be in its messiness/8bit/punk mashup thing we were doing. We practiced I think once and then went straight to recording, spending more time in weird studios in Sweden than in Division Of Laura Lee's windowless rehearsal room. The first studio (Kneget) was in the back of a muscle car garage that this finnish/swede owns named Timo. It had a cool vibe like a 1970s reggae studio in Jamaica. I loved that place, would love to go back there and record a crazy instrumental record. The second session for this record was about two years later at Gothenburg's prestigious Svenska Grammofon Studion run by Kalle G of The Soundtrack Of Our Lives. Fortuntely for us we snuck in while the place was being renovated as they had recently just moved into a new warehouse space oddly enough right next to Timo's studio. We cozied up in the ground level Studio C(?) and recorded 5 songs including writing one (Creation Sickness) entirely in the studio. Listening back, Frantic Mantis is a throwback to 1998 Frodus but with some updates. It functioned like a jazz band with improvisations and not too much analysis in an attempt to capture nervous energy. It was great to play with Per from Division Of Laura Lee on this and for a moment I thought it was going to become something more. Unfortunately, bands and humans have their own timeline/attention span for things and the Swedes just weren't feeling like doing more than this but thats a-okay. We never really broke up or ever really became a band so hopefully Frantic Mantis will resurface again when/if the time is right.


Somewhere in Germany
Frantic Mantis: Somewhere in Germany

at Kneget Studios
Frantic Mantis: at Kneget Studios