Frodus "Live @ Black Cat (04/21/99)"
Label: Lovitt Records (2005)

This recording comes from a live 4-track recording by Juan Carrera who ran Pirate House Studios in the basement of a group house in Washington, DC. He also played in a great band called The Warmers with Alec MacKaye and now Ian MacKaye's wife, Amy Farina. He recorded this show for a Lovitt Anniversary party that was hosted at Black Cat on April 21, 1999. This is when we were still writing the songs that would later end up on "And We Washed Our Weapons In The Sea". One can hear the song "Red Bull Of Juarez" without vocals as it was at that time going to be an instrumental. To me the banter on this shows the signs of a bands' patience wearing thin from touring and dysfunctional inner band relations. Looking back, my mention on stage of Jason Falkner and listening to well-crafted singer/songwriters is a sign of me being tired of the punk/hardcore scene and of Frodus. What was strange is that there wasn't much room in "the scene" for branching out... we seemed to be too weird for hardcore and too hardcore for indie which left us being rather misunderstood with our new material until the younger generation became old enough to go to shows and it was them that consequently loved and heralded our last album. Life is about timing folks! Anyhow, this live recording of a show is probably the best one out there.

It should be noted that the photo on the cover is of Frodus in Sweden in 1998 by photographer Pat Graham. We decided to go with a crazy energetic photo to help promote the release than to have a photo from that show.