Decahedron "Live @ WPRK: Winter Park, FL (Feb. 9, 2004)"
Label: Lovitt Records
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A live recording from our first tour with Engine Down and Moments In Grace. Bass and backup vocal duties by Jonathan Ford of Unwed Sailor. This is the only recorded document of that brief time period with Jonathan on bass other than a show that eMusic recorded as an exclusive. I sing both the songs that Joe Lally sang on from our album "Disconnection_Imminent" on this recording.

I remember recording this and thinking of the futility of college radio at this point in media-history. I believe that the internet has already more or less bulldozed the cultural importance of small-power radio and any station that doesn't podcast (or offer a download) of what they do is pretty much just broadcasting on the moon.

Photo by David Holloway, whom was on tour with us documenting the whole thing.