Decahedron "Origins And Deconstruction (2003-2005)
Label: Lovitt Records
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Digital-only release of Decahedron demos which include some interesting improvisational sessions with Joe Lally and great remixes by Brahm. Also featured is an acoustic version of "Endings" where you can hear a young Lidia Lally in the background along with an acoustic demo of "Ghost Lanterns" which I really like.

The eye posters that are on the cover is a photograph taken in Bucharest, Romania by my father sometime in the 90s. The posters are for a demonstration event to "save the children". I felt that it fit Decahedron as one of my initial inspirations with the band even when I was writing with Clark Sabine was to capture a "sad but hopeful" feel which is an underlying feeling I get when visiting Romania and the Eastern Bloc. It is to be noted that Clark plays guitar on the song "Bucharest" which is on this collection. That song later became "Evey City Is A Prison" which was on our full-length.