Frodus "Left For Dead In Halmstad (Live)"
Label: Carcrash Records (2006)
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Went through the vaults and mastered this almost lost document of Frodus live in Sweden in 2006. The master came off of a high-quality cassette that I think we played once on tour in the van for curiosity sake. Some of the moments are great such as the hyper-fast "Lights On For Safety" but for the most part the show itself I remember being sparsely attended partially because for whatever reason we did this show by ourselves as it was before we hopped on with Refused for 5 weeks. We really try and get the few there pumped up and excited which degenerates into a lot of banter and awkward Frodus meandering. Regardless, it is a document of the stark reality of touring in the pre-internet-obsessed 90s playing marginal music for that time.