The Cassettes "'Neath The Pale Moon"
Label: Buddyhead (2006), Rogue (2008)
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In the player: "S. Arlington Life", Track 13 out of 14 Tracks from the LP

The previous Cassettes band-members, namely Steve Kille and Stephen McCarty went on to focus their musicianship in the band Dead Meadow. So it consequently took me three years (including an interruption to focus on Decahedron) to make this record with the help of my bandmates which slowly congealed into a solid 4 piece after starting from the ground up again. Some of the songs were written when we were just a two piece with Saadat Awan and I. Later we found my favorite members of the amazing now-defunct DC weird cabaret band The Parlour Scouts (Stephen Guidry: Accordion/Moog + Arthur Harrison: Theremin) and recruited them into the fold. This record is sort of an exquisite corpse of my obsession with The Beatles "White Album" and the age when radio was a new medium. It's a record I've been waiting to do for a long time with its breadth and melodic stylings. Lots of Frodus fans don't really like this record but they probably will when they get older... I once thought I was stuck in a endless post-Frodus curse until some young concert-goer went up to me on tour in 2007 and said he liked The Cassettes better... at that point whatever invisible post-punk ball and chain that was attached to my guitar arm snapped and I was free.

The artwork comes from a book I bought at an art bookstore in Prague, Czech Republic in the 90s - where my brother lived at the time. It was a collection of royalty free images of early flight complete with a CD-Rom. I bought it knowing that I would like to use it for album artwork one day.

Rogue Records [Australia]
2008 Re-release: Rogue Records [Australia]

Buddyhead Records
2006: Buddyhead Records