Man & Wasp "Close The World, Open The Next"
Label: Self-Released
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In the player: "Close The World Open The Next", Track 1 out of 5 from the EP

Recorded project between old friends Mike Schliebaum (Darkest Hour) and design collaborator/bro HÃ¥kan Johansson (Division Of Laura Lee/Frantic Mantis). Created in Mike's basement and mixed at an unknown location. Revisited unfinished lyrical ideas in my previous post-hardcore outfit Decahedron and used my screaming pipes yet again. Wow, not as easy when you hit your 30s, kids! ...especially if you are out of practice like I am. This EP was great fun and and an inspiration to share creative moments with two old friends without any immediate plans hanging over us beyond the creative moments. Surprisingly the record was recorded in Mike's basement (Salad Bowl Studios) which is in my opinion the ultimate guitar tracking studio. His collection of amplifiers, effects, guitars and his willingness to try new things and make bombastic music makes it a great place to record. Despite being a row house in a basement with covered windows (yes, its a metal dungeon) we were able to track drums at full volume and rehearse as well during the day. The drums in the final mix have triggered samples to beef them up ala the "tab to transient" trick in Protools. Kelly Snook, whom is my friend at NASA (whom also donated a gift-shop pillow that lives at Mike's Studio in the window), was kind enough to lend us a Neumann large diaphragm condensor for the vocals which we ran though my "producer pak" pre/compressor as Nick Anderson likes to call it. The EP title comes from a Decahedron album that never happened and the artwork is from a Frodus shirt that we had printed small quantities of in 1999.