Shelby Cinca "Electronic 2: Creatures"
Label: Swedish Columbia (2008)
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In the player: "Life", Track 2 out of 8 Tracks from the LP
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Second 8bit album that I created during travels and time living abroad "with a cat and a Swede". Includes guitar, bass and other instrumentation on top of pure 8bit nanoloop beats. An 8bit IDM journey about creatures that expands and explores new territories that I hinted at on my first solo album "Obelisk". Also includes 2 8bit covers by DC's Antelope whom are my favorite contemporary DC post-punk band. The two covers I created during The Cassettes tour of the United States in early 2007. I remember having eureka moments in the van as I was A/Bing my nanoloop tracks to the Antelope originals on my laptop somewhere in the pacific northwest with misty mountain scenery through the windows which is a nice memory. Also on that tour I played through Final Fantasy I & II on Gameboy Micro- Whoa. This record has about half pure nanoloop tracks with no overdubs and half tracks that began with a nanoloop base and subsequently grew. The track in the player above, "Life", is a good example of a heavily layered track and it also includes a sample from the philosopher J. Krishnamurti, whom Joe Lally turned me on to many years ago.

Liner Notes: All songs by Shelby Cinca except "Wandering Ghost" and "Shapes" by Antelope. Recorded at Mystic Gnome Mobile studios using strictly: Nanoloop 2.0, Bass, Dobro Guitar, Sidstation and MiniMoog Synthesizer (Track 5 only). Bass tracks recorded at The Tape Room studios 2006 in Arlington, VA by Nick Anderson.