Triobelisk "Zoneplex"
Label: Swedish Columbia
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In the player: "Xrystal City", Track 1 out of 5 from the EP

Electronic alter-ego where I have been exploring my love for early synth pioneers Klaus Schulze and Didier Mourani but with some bigger beats and more repetition. My new foray into music making with Ableton Live which I must say changed my life as far as solitary creation on a computer is concerned. One can truly "jam" with your own ideas seamlessly. This is an exciting debut for me personally based on my childhood goal which I mention in the description of my first solo album. I used a combination of drum samples along with the Arturia softsynth collection primarily focusing on the Minimoog and Moog Modular to create the core sounds. After mixdown I ran each channel individually through my Shadow Hils Mic-Pre and API Compressor to warm up the sound and give it some analog character. Oddly the last track "Xplosion" I sample the Frodus "Explosions" 7".