Frantic Mantis "Human Head" EP
Label: Carcrash Records (2009)
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In the player: "Human Head", Track 1 out of 4 Tracks from the EP

This was recorded in Spring 2006 at Division Of Laura Lee's old practice space in Gothenburg, Sweden. It was intended to be a follow up full length to "Data Is Not Information" but scheduling and interest conflicts made it linger for quite some time. The sessions were recorded by me on a portable MOTU setup with whatever microphones happened to be around in the studio. The end result is punk, spontaneous and a little off-kilter which is the modus operandi for Frantic Mantis. A little bit of Gary Numan influence sneaks in on the track "Brain Delete" and even a surprisingly Cassettes-ish track "Out Of Body" makes the cut. I was hoping to have more vocals by Per and after a long delay and switch of studio locales we were only able to get in one more session where Per tracked the guitars for "Out Of Body" and some rough vocals on an unreleased track. Out of the session all but 2 songs were finished which means that there is an off-chance another EP or single may find its way to life in the future. All the bass was tracked by me along with most of the guitars. This release is like an unintended "solo punk" EP for me. Some of the songs remind me of Rites of Spring and the last song "Save Our Shitty" even reminds me of the obscure DC scronk-core band Metamatics (who only released an LP on slowdime, worth picking up if you can find it). 90's throwback punk with less "data" than the last Frantic Mantis release.

Artwork put together in the Frodus message board by Walt Ochab. Also quite a bit of video documentation of these sessions here.