Tanimura Midnight s/t mini-LP
Label: Swedish Columbia (2009)
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In the player: "Lovers", Track 1 out of 7 Tracks from the LP

Tanimura Midnight is a project started by me and Washington, D.C. area engineer/musician Nick Anderson. The project revolved around asian themes and fictional film scenarios and had very specifically catered sessions to get us in the mood. Sessions often involved eating sushi at a conveyor sushi restaurant or japanese noodles from a stand hidden in the back of an asian market. They began late at night and ran into the early morning in low lighting with crisp Japanese beer at hand. We often listened to an inspirational track beforehand from a record I would pick up from the slowly closing vinyl-haven of Orpheus Records in Arlington, VA. We would be inspired by approaches of Jean Michel-Jarre, Vangelis and Kitaro and then embark on our musical explorations. The theme around this project was to let parts ride out and focus on "small rewards" in our instrumental songs while creating a soundtrack for a vague film. The sessions lasted for a few months and we had a long pause before mixing to allow the songs to gestate. I think it may be one of my favorite records I have ever made. I was happy that people really "got" this record as being a carefully crafted vibe-filled musical experience.