Triobelisk "1" EP
Label: Swedish Columbia (2009)
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In the player: "Xrystal Eye", Track 1 out of 6 Tracks from the EP

I feel like this is quite a big step for me in solitary music creation with a laptop compared to the previous Triobelisk EP. Tapped into the sonic palette of specific analog soft-synths to create my world and solidified compositions. I didn't fear to enter realms of video-gameness with constant images in my head of top and side-scroller space shooters from the 80s and early 90s and merging it all with dancefloor mayhem in an offworld cantina in the Star Wars universe. It's all still a work in progress while I hone the vision out of my head for escapist and memorable electronic music that functions in headphones for a tunnel dweller as well as in clubs.

Also interestingly enough I randomly found the cover artist, Sakke Soini, on the internet and little did I know along with perfectly translating my visual ideas he is also born on March 19th and turned 30 the year I turned 33. Triangulations at work!