Triobelisk "Distant Star" single
Label: Swedish Columbia (2009)
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This release is a mix of the space-disco feel of my first EP and the electro sounds of my second. The song in instrumental form has been hanging around for over a year and I finally realized what it needed was some vocals. I did some remix work for my Norwegian friend Stina Stjern in the past and decided her vocals would fit great on this song. After sending a rough mix with only a backup vocal in the chorus she returned to me completed vocal tracks with her own melodies and my lyrics worked in. The lyrics are based off of a beautiful anime entitled "Voices of a Distant Star" by Makoto Shinkai. I feel like the song captured the mood of the anime in its bittersweet space-dream melodies. The b-sides include a track I have been working on for a long time "Modal Nodes" and a reworked track by my friend and oft times collaborator, David Flynn, entitled
"Strieber" (inspired by the author Whitley Strieber). Addendum: The track "Strieber" was discovered by Whitley Strieber himself and he commented positively about it on his Facebook page. Additionally a music-video was made randomly by contact from a peruvian animator- it just seemed to make sense this would occur in the world I have been weaving around Triobelisk.