Triobelisk "Brain Traveller" LP
Label: Swedish Columbia (2010)
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In the player: "Brain Traveller", Track 3 out of 13 Tracks from the LP

Further exploring the influences of 1970s synth pioneers Didier Mourani (SpAce) and Klaus Schulze I unexpectedly released the first Triobelisk full-length in 2010. Initially planning to wait until Dec. 21st, 2012 I just couldn't hold a release back during the harsh and dark Swedish winter I was experiencing. In a way the release was like the after effects of a black hole, a mass ejection of ideas and tracks that have been lying around that reflects a variety of tracks from my short stint with Triobelisk in the "club-world" to a focus on making immersive electronica that could be listened to in any environment. In retrospect I could have edited it down a bit but one should have no regrets in musical exploration, nothing is precious and we move on and make more things! I was delighted to get this release out and it was initially bundled with a very limited Triobelisk t-shirt that sold out quickly! Travel with your brain. Brain traveller!