Triobelisk "Tri-Tri-Triobelisk Soundtrack" EP
Label: Swedish Columbia (2011)
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In the player: "Tri-Tri-Triobelisk Theme", Track 1 out of 8 Tracks from the LP

A dream come true. I was lucky to meet developer genius Erik Svedäng during my stay in Göteborg and got to collaborate on a Triobelisk-themed game based off his iPad shooter Shot Shot Shoot. I created the soundtrack, all sounds, art-directed and provided menu-graphics and some backgrounds. I always felt that some of my musical influences for Triobelisk were classic arcade shooters from my childhood like Gradius (NES), Lifeforce (NES), Blazing Lazers (TG16) and Cyberforce (TG16) so I was able to delve deep into my love for this genre. Creating this was also a good way to introduce the sci-fi universe of Triobelisk which has been slowly in creation with my creative-comrade Gabriel Baldessin. This description says it all:

Triobelisk, the warrior monk and bard of the cosmos, shifts his viewport from his pyramidal craft cloaked in a nebulous cloud of the Osirion system. With anticipation he observes the culmination of the 33rd Theatre and final battles of the Trigon space war. An event at the edges of the universe between forces unleashed by a temporal shift in the fabric of space and time. Negative agents of an alternate time-line known as the Outribes of Lult emerge onboard five identical astral triangular crafts as pilots of the Zoneplex Defendant Paradigmatics. This final act of warfare, encompassing battles on a pan-plex level, holds the outcome of future timelines on the cusp of explosive singularity. One side will be victorious and one side will be sequestered to the outer reaches of the universe, to begin again and attempt to shift the tides of intra-dimensional struggle.

Let us game and ride together into the multiverse with Triobelisk.

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